Laptops stolen – no worries; Wiki, Gmail and external drives save the day

May 3, 2008 — 1 Comment

In the past 5 years we have been lucky enough to avoid the unfortunate to become a victim of a break in. Although our office is situated in a shared building with different levels of locks some thugs chose to hit our office on Queensday and 1st of May. I guess still many aren’t fortunate enough to find normal jobs to make a living, even in these days where billions of Euro’s are written off so easily on the stock exchanges.

Only 5-6K Euro’s of damage, can it be true?
So as I started my working day in Kiev and BT called me to contact my PA in Holland to check on the situation. Upon checking with my PA, the main question she had was whether we could order new laptops for 2 colleagues, as their laptops were stolen. The loss: 3 old unused laptops, 2 actively used new laptops and a new beamer. So the material damage can come up to 5-6K’s Euro’s added with some time of our office manager to take care of new laptops and insurance claims.

But seriously no more complaints or worries arrived to me that day, no escalations about the loss of information or anything other valuable intangibles on the laptops. This is quite a contradiction to many cases of lost / stolen laptops when you google ‘companies lose money when laptops are stolen‘.

Web 2.0 saves the day
The only reason for the well containment of the damage is our Web 2.0 strategy within Componence, to do as much as possible online. With Gmail or the mailserver containing all communication and attachments, Wiki to contain all real important stuff or our projects and external (online) drives to store many of
the personal files like movies, pictures and music.

Of course there is a good chance that my blogging speed is too fast and more problems will arise after the weekend when other people are back at the office, who were having a small vacation last week. But still I’m quite sure that Componence will not be hurt like the many companies that responded to this survey about the ‘data theft time bomb‘. And even then, we’re in a business of intangibles, how tangible can the problems really get? I bet construction, mining and crab phishing workers can tell all of us IT’ers a thing or two about it …


One response to Laptops stolen – no worries; Wiki, Gmail and external drives save the day


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