To add life to days, where no more days can be added to life

May 15, 2008 — 3 Comments

A feared disease

As globalization and economic growth are increasing the average life standards across the globe it’s easy to forget how easily life can become really hard. With all the wealth at our hands still many diseases can take one’s happy and prosperous life into sudden desperation, to leave just a tiny strain of hope that things will get better again. At Componence we operate in different regions in the world where many diseases like Hepatitis, TBC and rabies are still very common. As the mentioned diseases can be very well treated, luckily in the Netherlands cases of it are not common. But even in the highly developed society of the West the big ‘C’ is a feared disease and still today takes away many days from our precious life. Even within our own company we have just learned that one of our loved colleagues in Ukraine has to fight Hodgkin’s lymphoma for the coming months. We all pray and hope that his fight will be successful.

Homage to all people who work together to help

At Componence we stimulate our teams to find local initiatives to give something back to society. So this year our Dutch unit has chosen to help Roparun to add life to days, where no more days can be added to life. The initiative isn’t just inspiring because it helps people, but it also brings people together who have the courage to fulfill such a unique but very enduring race. Teams are constructed of not just only runners, but many people who will take care logistics, health, nutrition and other support. As they work together to fulfill the challenging journey, they deserve to get the support to make all their efforts become possible. Componence is proud to sponsor the team Overstag as an homage to all people who work together to help the patients who struggle to fight cancer every day.

Roparun; a great initiative!
Team Overstag geared up a team of runners, bikers, drivers, medics, physio therapists and cooks (20-25 people) to join the Roparun. The Roparun is an initiative where teams, this year around 250, are running from Paris to Rotterdam in 2,5 days. The runners and teams mainly come from Holland, but as the race starts from Paris these years there are also more French teams. The Roparun gets money from all the teams, the Overstag team will probably donate 7K Euro’s, to sponsor initiatives to make life better for Cancer patients.

It would be cool …
Roan and I were present at this event and we both are impressed by the vastness of the event. It would be cool to have a international Componence team (Ukrainians, Indians, Dutch, Germans) be present at the event in 2010.


3 responses to To add life to days, where no more days can be added to life


    I remember our visit to Ukrainian orphanage. That was really hard for me to explain them what we do in the international market ).

    Alexander Arendar June 2, 2008 at 11:51 pm

    By adding life to each day we add days. This is not obvious untill you realize that removing life from a day actually removes that day forever.
    What is the price of the day if you can’t recall in your memory something good and warm in few weeks? I think such days are wasted. And how much of such days we have 🙂
    Big “C” is not that big when you face it. It’s a chance for you to make a big step up. Maybe costly chanse but I am happy to have at least such 🙂 Some people need to be kicked hard to change their way of life and to rethink their values.
    Would like to thank you and all Componence team once again for the emotional support you give me. That is really important and helps me to feel not worse then alot of healthy folks.
    You can count on my participation in 2010. That would be very nice to do.


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