Dutch modesty vs Italian arrogance – The Netherlands beat Italy: 3 – 0

June 9, 2008 — 1 Comment

I guess many would expect me to write a blog about my wedding, but alas … The Netherlands beat Italy in the European Championships with 3-0!!! Italy has rarely been beaten this hard on any big Championship. Congratulations Holland!!!!

Arrogant Italians
Italy, as the World champions were I guess too cocky / arrogant and really expected they would win. Just before the match I saw some interviews of Italians by the Dutch News, predicting outcomes from 2-0 to 4-0 for in favor of Italy. They were talking about how good their players were, how they had the best team. The Sport Gazeta also confidently expressed their vision about how the Dutch team still had to find themselves. But I guess it’s logic that the Italians are arrogant as they do indeed have some of the best football (soccer) players in the world and of course they are the World Champions of 2006.

Dutch underdogs
The Dutch on the contrary were pessimistic and already counting on a loss and were talking how we could still be 2nd in the pool. In the course to this Championship the coaches Marco van Basten and John van ‘t Schip were very much criticized for their mediocre play. And even after the match, while I’m writing this blog, the Dutch players are still very modest and are keeping their faces controlled in front of the camera’s. Yes, the Dutch ‘managing expectations’ is well in play.

Arrogance can only fall hard
But I guess we showed them!! The match tonight showed a very strong Orange team with great team play and strong counters. The results just speak for themselves. But arrogancy can always happen as I have seen how the Dutch people also showed arrogancy in 1992, 4 years after they had won the European Championship in 1988. Before the match against Denmark, Dutch people easily predicted courageous victories in front of National television, only to see afterwards that they would lose to the European Champions of 1992 who were the underdog in that year. I hope this similarity will continue to fulfill itself 😉


One response to Dutch modesty vs Italian arrogance – The Netherlands beat Italy: 3 – 0

    Alexander Arendar June 10, 2008 at 8:31 am

    yeaaaah, have seen a part of it yesterday. So congratulations.
    Seems like a reasonable claim of the strong team. Let’s see how far they can reach.

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