A perfect start of our dream honeymoon – Hua Hin, Thailand

June 14, 2008 — 5 Comments

Rose leaves, heart, rings ... love foreverThe bed was decorated with a lovely heart shape of rose leavesJust the things to start of a romantic honeymoon

As our honeymoon started exactly on Friday June 13th, 8:45 PM, we had to miss the match between The Netherlands and France. The trade-off was definitely worth it as we arrived today at the Aleenta Resort in Hua Hin Thailand and Holland beat the French with 4-1. At the Aleenta we will be enjoying a room on the beach front, with our own garden, our own jacuzzi overlooking the ocean. The first impression was just wonderfull, a private just for 2 welcome, kind and polite staff, wonderful room, roseleaves and hearts and a iPod with some nice lounge / romantic tunes …

A promising lookoutThe view as we just step out of our bedroomJust 30 feet away from our bedroom door

And as soon as the staff, 2 bellboys and 1 hostess, leave us to it we just cannot wait to get into the Jacuzzi. The setting is just marvelous, never have I been in such a romantic bedroom before. Despite of the lack of sun, BT and I didn’t hesitate to take a quick shower and to get outside.

BT just couldn't resist the jacuzzi and right she was to let all the stress go in the flowing waterWhat more can a husband want, a romantic place, a sexy wife ...At last all worries fall away, it's time for me and BT to completely let go of all the ordinary stress. It's time for more romantic stuff ;)

And after the surreal enjoyment of this extreme romantic location we both let the thoughts of ordinary life flow away and we start to just enjoy and relax. And then we of course just let our creativity lead to further actions and relaxations 😉


5 responses to A perfect start of our dream honeymoon – Hua Hin, Thailand


    Once again congratulations! Perfect start for a great honeymoon!


    I am jealous,why could I not come with you two
    on the journey,I want a small friend soon (hihi)

    Big kisss Nhimmie


    wow, This is amazing. Make sure not to break flower heart :-). Btw this is honeymoon trip, I am wondering you should stop writing.

    Very good Luck


    I am really happy for you two. Enjoy it and please do forget about the rest of the world. It’s just the two of you now 😉


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