Outlook + Xobni = >10% productivity

August 6, 2008 — 2 Comments

After a long struggle of internal discussions and problems at the service provider, last July Componence finally introduced Exchange and Outlook in our Dutch office. Internally some of our technical minds were anti-Microsoft and rather used Google Mail and Calendar. But finally the reasoning to synchronize with our PDA’s won and Exchange became a fact.

Personal doubts at the start
Personally I had doubts because I just loved the search tooling in Gmail, it allowed me to abandon my habit to create ‘folders’. And going back to Outlook meant I would have a lesser search tool. And just within weeks me and another colleague experienced the Calendar crash, making it really bad to use Outlook. But luckily the Web showed me how to use commands like ‘outlook /cleanviews’ and the problem was fixed.

And in the meanwhile the ‘luxury’ to easily create tasks and appointments with colleagues soon proofed that I was making appointments a LOT FASTER! And when you have to do this dozens of times a week, then you really feel that your productivity and response towards your relations goes up. My wife has always been telling how easy and fast she did her work with Outlook and in this case I should have listened to her a long time ago.

But after having used Outlook for just over a month, the waiting for search results really started to become annoying. It doesn’t only take a long time search, but the search results also appear very slow. Slowly I was remembering the times again for good old Gmail, that I still use to search through old archives …

Will Xobni save me my Outlook experience?

Xobni user interface - on th left the analytics, on the right the search results of mails to my brother Hai

Xobni user interface - on th left the analytics, on the right the search results of mails to my brother Hai

A week ago I was discussing some things with a good client of mine behind his desk. And as he was mailing and I saw this strange vertical toolbar in his Outlook, it was Xobni, the reverse of Inbox. This program has a lot to offer for Outlook user:

  • better & faster search
  • results per conctact person
  • analytics about your email activity
  • Linked Integration getting some basic Linked data

I like the fact that it analyzes how your mailing activities are, who bothers you the most, how many emails you get / send, who you mail most with. Having such numbers and being able to view them through different reports allows me to think how to manage my mailing activities.


2 responses to Outlook + Xobni = >10% productivity


    Ha, thanks for sharing this one 😉
    Great plug-in, especially when it comes to tracking conversations and searching for attachments :)… And its in Royal Dutch colors also 😉 Already complained about this though 🙂


    I suppose it’s too late, but have you seen Zimbra? I believe RedHat use it.

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