Obama 2.0 continues – Change.gov – reaching out for visions

November 11, 2008 — Leave a comment

President-elect Barack Obama walks on stage at his victory celebration in Chicago with his wife, Michelle, and their daughters, Malia and Sasha.

I’ve just posted my contribution on Change.gov:
“Dear Mr. Obama and Mr. Biden,

First of all congratulations with your historical win and I thank you for the hope and the energy that you have given so many all over the world.

America is the country where the ultimate dream can be achieved, but in any case of balance, it’s also the country where still so many are poor and only live to work so that others can have that dream.

By all means please keep the American dream alive, as it gives the the people all over the world a vision how democracy can work out. But I urge you to find a way to keep the American dream enduring for another 100 generations and not just 10. As a leader of the world America should set the right example in areas that will help mankind to live on this world with longer perspective.

It is time to get America into a nation where

  • Every year the bottom line gets better for EVERYONE, while the ultimate American dream stays alive, but maybe the top 5% might have to do it with 10% less and the top 10% might have to do it with 5% less. But still 90% of the current American dream is still a dream that is at least 100% better than the dream in any other country.
  • Every year the US gets more independent from natural resources. By only becoming independent, the foreign policy can be more in balance and in grace with other nations. This in itself will give challenging countries like China, Russia, India and Brasil less reason to treat America as a threat. This will eventually allow a more consistent and increasing constructive dialogue between the top nations in the world. Once this is achieved, you can be assured of a better global alliance to fight the forces that want to bring down America as a symbol of democracy and capitalism. Like S. Covey theory, one can best think in win-win when one becomes independent.
  • You also learn and benefit from experiences and results in care systems like Scandinavia or the Netherlands. These countries have a very affordable health care system (about 1.500 – 2000 USD per year per person), high education (2.000 – 2.500 USD tuition per year), substantial pension capital (worth 30% – 100% GDP). There should be no threat in taking more examples from these cultures as the American dream is still at least 10 times the dreams of these countries.

But most of all, please keep at least this promise during your Presidency:

“But I will always be honest with you about the challenges we face. I will listen to you, especially when we disagree.”

Like any president you will also have to do things that you promised not to do and you will do things that you promised to do, that’s the fate of any elected president or political party. But I just hope that you will continue to use the internet to listen to the voice of normal Americans. In the dark days ahead your messages on the internet can stimulate, convince and provide understanding.

Whether you will keep your election promises, time will have to tell. I just hope that he will keep on using the internet to stay in touch with the people that have been touched by you.”

Still trying to get the message out
And when I submitted my message, I was asked to spread the word about this website to all my contacts, just see the picture of this post. For me this was unexpected, while I know that many community portals use this trick to get people. But who would have thought that Mr. Obama and Mr. Biden really want to read / collect as many visions as possible about America?

So how will Mr. Obama continue his 2.0 Presidency? I’m not sure, but I will keep track …


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