Time to carefully consider how we need to balance our life in our community

December 16, 2008 — Leave a comment

Filipino Annabel Rosero (L) and US volunteers Mary Burch Harmon (C) and Annie Menard (R), plant mangrove saplings during the annual Valentine's Day mass planting, dubbed a "love affair with nature", along the Puerto Princesa coastal area officiated by the city's Mayor Edward Hagedorn, 14 February 2007, in the capital of the western Philippine island of Palawan. The city has maintained its aggressive environmental campaign to attract tourists and maintain ecological balance. The mangroves serve as nurseries and habitats for small fish and anchors the fragile soil on the shore to prevent erosion.  AFP PHOTO/ROMEO GACAD (Photo credit should read ROMEO GACAD/AFP/Getty Images)

As another year has passed I can say that 2008 has been a unique year with great joys and sorrows. Although some actions may have been more severe than in any other year, I’m quite sure that we all have seen how crucial those steps have been.

Great achievements have been accomplished in Ukraine and India as both teams have grown and improved substantially, allowing us to successfully replace the 50 people that we´ve had in EPAM around this time last year. The closure of our Kiev unit may have been regretful, but it left us a healthy and competitive environment for our Lviv and Jaipur team.

Finally, 2008 allowed us to increase our levels of structure in the fundaments of PIM, enabling us to improve our skills to control our clients. Further challenges lie ahead for us to use our new skills to increase our capability to guide our clients towards portal implementations where standard and custom software are well rationalized with a decent ROI. We are still steady in our path to become a true Enterprise Solutions provider where software reusability and sound investment remain key aspects of our solution offering!

In that mindset I would like to end 2008 as a year where carefully consider the state of the society and to understand how fortunate we still are to have such opportunities ahead of us. There has been no other year like the last where mankind has become so aware of the necessity to live our lives in balance ecological and financial ways with the world around us.

So to enter the seasonal festivities I would suggest you to appreciate the basics in life and to understand that we’re all responsible for the long term success of the communities that we participate in. Componence will not neglect our own possibilities to make our contributions:

  • To our communities through different charity projects in Ukraine and India;
  • To our environment through compensation of the CO2 footprint that we leave on this earth with our travels;
  • To our teams to help you understand that a community can take care of its people and that there is always space for the long term goals.

Shortly more information about our actions will be disclosed on the wiki. In the meanwhile I do encourage you to find your own ways to make your own personal contributions! My own personal contributions:

  • Helping out small entrepreneurs in developing countries with micro credits. Kiva has made this easily possible in a very Web 2.0 manner;
  • I’ve compensated 46.25 tons CO2 for my own personal usage last years travel through air and on land with Trees for Travel.

Happy festivities and enjoy the precious moments with your family and loved ones,



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