Charity 2.0 – let’s replicate Kiva’s success for other charity organizations

April 19, 2009 — 6 Comments

Kiva: The best operating Charity 2.0 organization

Kiva is the example for Charity 2.0, as it has more funding than projects. The cool thing about Kiva, it’s all online, it’s about real people, 100% of money donated to projects really  go to those projects and it has incorporated many Web 2.0 concepts. This is what they say about themselves:

“Kiva’s mission is to connect people through lending for the sake of alleviating poverty.

Kiva is the world’s first person-to-person micro-lending website, empowering individuals to lend directly to unique entrepreneurs around the globe.”

Kiva numbers – how successful are they really?
Kiva keeps it all very transparent, as you can always find the latest statistics on a special page on their website. Just today the following numbers were shown:

Kiva stats - more than 68 MLN USD raised - almost 480.000 lenders

With this example you can see that the lenders on average loan $ 143.85 – that’s a lot more than many of us do for charity. But I do believe that we all would give to charity easier if it was really easy and transparent. Kiva has done that and the results just show for it.

An amazing trackrecord – with help of online social networks
Kiva has different integrations with different e-mail address books, but a very strong integration with features of Facebook. The result is a staggering trackrecord of the growth of the cumulative loans of Kiva:
An impressive growth path in the past 2,5 years. From 1 MLN to 68 MLN.

The growth is just unbelievable, from 1 -> 68 MLN in just 27 months – WOW!!!! That just shows how many people are willing to help others help themselves.

Let’s replicate this for other charity organizations!
Helping out Charity gives anyone a good feeling, the core reason why I believe the same concept should also work for other charity organizations. I’ve already started to talk with Treesfortravel, an organization that allows people to compensate their CO2 footprint.  But it can be done bigger, we can even create a SAAS / ASP platform that would allow any charity organization – of course we need to do validations / moderation – to apply for an account.

In the Netherlands alone you have > 1000 charity organizations. And I know many of those organizations are not meeting ends with their budgets. They keep part-time staff, who usually are not paid very well. I personally believe that if these organizations would have an internet platform like Kiva, they could at least get an average 10.000 Euro per year out of it. So 1000 charity organizations would generate about 10 MLN Euro per year, less than 1 Euro per Dutch inhabitant. I think I’m on the low side of the estimation, 2,5 Euro per person might be better, resulting in 25 MLN Euro per year for charity 2.0.

A rough plan – step by step with big thinking
Of course we would start with 1 charity organization and we’ll use Chameleon technology to implement it. We make sure that the application can be ported to most of the big communities like Facebook, MySpace, Linkedin, iGoogle & Hyves. And the application would be heavily integrated with the API’s of those communities to facilitate different features like:

  • login with existing community account – instead of creating a new one
  • easily invite friends with address books and friend lists – no more manual typing e-mail addresses
  • posting to walls of your own account / friends accounts
  • take  application along into Facebook / Linkedin / Hyves
  • taking widgets/gadgets into iGoogle / Facebook / MS Vista / Mac OSX
  • Localization of others in your neighborhood

And we’ll be buidling it on the Amazon cloud, to make sure that possible traffic can easily be processed.

Getting startup investments
According to my estimations we need between 200 – 300K Euro in a 2 year period to setup the platform. This is money we don’t have immediately, so we’ll start small. Treesfortravel said they only have a 3-5K’s this year, but would hope to pay back more if coming years allow them to spend more budget online.

Our idea has just 29 votes - the second place.

Our idea has just 29 votes - the second place.

But there is another way to get 20K, the contest of the ASN Bank – a Dutch social responsible bank – to generate ideas ‘For the world of tomorrow’ . This is the right place to promote this idea, and we’re already on the 2nd position.

Most of the other projects – described in Dutch – are oriented at a much smaller scale, usually targeting to setup 1 specific project at 1 certain location.

Our idea could benefit all the other ideas that have been contributed. So that’s why I personally believe we should be able to win this contest.

The catch of this blog – please vote for my idea 🙂
I think with 1000 votes, we might be safe and win the contest. So please help me push this idea, because I think my concept will help other charity organizations with their charity 2.0 ambitions. And if they succeed, then many more people are helped. So please vote for me and take the next steps:

1. Register (it’s in Dutch – but still very easy)
– only fill in the required fields
2. Click on the first link in the confirmation e-mail that you will get in your mailbox
– the confirmation page will open in your browser
3. Click on the red ‘ Bevestig’ button on the confirmation page
4. Go to the page of my idea
5. Vote for me by clicking on the thumb icon
6. Scroll down and become my fan 🙂
7. Give yourself a pad on your shoulder – you’ve done a good deed today 😉

So thnx in advance for your support and if you’ve read this blog and you do not feel like supporting me, then please at least comment me the reason why you don’t feel like helping people who help others?

And if anyone feels like investing in the idea, then give me a shout in Linkedin.

6 responses to Charity 2.0 – let’s replicate Kiva’s success for other charity organizations


    Cool! What’s the button co become our fan?n


    On the project page, scroll down. In the column showing voters, there is block showing fans.

    the button says ‘word fan’


    Hi Ha,

    Great Blog! I am curious to what you think of this new initiative,

    It allows individuals and communities to support specific projects in a fun and graphical environment. Together with friends and their friends, they can take action and realize projects around the world. Visitors can build a school, help an entrepreneur to a starting capital or realize a wildlife park together. 100% of your donation goes to the project.

    What do you think?


    I should email u about this.

    alfred bangoura March 27, 2010 at 11:32 am

    Local ngo currently taking care of abondone and drop out kids in senegal.We have opened an elementry sh
    ool for them. Now looking for sponship.
    hoping to hearing from you.


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