Who’s Ha

Hi there,

Thnx for visiting my blog, I hope my words are making sense to you and help you to find answers you were looking for. In case you didn’t, then hopefully you gained some ideas, understanding or even inspiration. And if you didn’t find anything positive at all, then there is no reason for you to read on.

My name is Ha Vo and if you really want to know more about me, just check out my profile on:

But in short I’m a international entrepreneur, self-made man, loving father, happily married with the love of my live, extremely energetic, loyal to best friends, people manager, coach, inspiration for young ambitious people, ad-hoc, a traveler, a professional with focus for results, a guy that likes to help people, a pragmatic, a human being who tries to live a good life.

My small family

All the before resulted in my biggest succes in life yet; Noah! Despite of hard times, yes the 2008-2009 crisis is an extereme hard time for me as an entrepreneur, my life has shown me a better and more balanced future. Having Noah just allows my family life to generate a huge amount of positive energy to keep on going through the hardship of this crisis.

I started to blog because I actually love to express myself and I was already doing so for my Componence team members. It’s actually because my colleagues actually appreciated the blogs I write on our wiki. The reason for me to blog is to share my experiences as I do see that I have some success in connecting people throughout the whole world with the Componence way, a combination of a open mindset, modern technologies, care for people and an ounce of charisma.

A very good friend of mine told me to have a copywriter look at my texts, but I think that’s just fake. Here on my blog I’m just another guy on the internet who really thinks that his experiences and visions can be useful for others. The texts are as good as I can write them in my spare time, believe me that ain’t much! So enjoy my stories and if you have some topic that is related to the person that I, then drop me a line and I’ll do my best to share my vision and experiences with you.

And in the meanwhile you can also find me on my former Company’s blog, where I talk more about social media mashup technology. Soon I’ll be starting a new blog about by social business ventures, especially one where I’ll be trying to resolve 10% of the Dutch unemployment with the help of 1-2% of fellow Dutchmen!




5 responses to Who’s Ha


    What’s fake about letting another person review things you publish?

    Granted, if this were a personal blog which was totally not related to Componence, a copywriter might be a bit too much. Then it were more the case of someone else creating an image that might not be true to your own inner self.

    But since this blog is mostly related to your work-activities and since you’re one of the faces of Componence, I’d think that letting someone check your posts on spelling-errors and improving readiblity wouldn’t be such a bad idea.
    You don’t want to give potential clients or colleagues the wrong impression of your level of professionalism regarding either communication or your product?

    And in my opinion if it is fake to let someone help you out with writing texts on your company, then it’s probably also fake to let someone else design your logo. As would be letting a marketing company help you create an online identity. Or let your proposals be reviewed by someone within the company… which you probably won’t consider fake, right? 🙂


    People, like my dear friend Eduard, who really separate their personal lives from their professional lives can indeed consider my blog as a ‘professional’ blog. But for people like me, who consider work as a part of my life and really enjoy work, my blog can be considered as my personal blog.

    So when you read my blog, then you’re reading about me. Componence is in the current phase of my life a HUGE part of me.


    Are you hiring, I need some cash money? Great template, the same one I use.


    Hi my name is babra i saw ya pics,like 2be ya friends


    Beste Ha,

    Ik zag dat je op je facebook een link naar Milieu Centraal geplaatst hebt. Misschien vind je het ook leuk om vrienden van ons te worden op Facebook? http://www.facebook.com/milieucentraal.

    Met vriendelijke groet,

    Iris Kort

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