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Time to look back and learn from the things that happened in 2008. Although the crisis has already set in, how can I make sure that next time I’ll be better aware of the signals of a crisis. And what lessons do I need to see before I can really ignite the necessary improvements in 2009.

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My wedding day, June 7th 2008, has definitely been the most beautiful day of my life so far. Many people say that the most beautiful day of a person’s life is the day that you have your child born into this world. Well, I’m hoping that this second ‘most beautfil day of my life’ will not keep me waiting too long.

My ‘Sifu’ uncle told me that it makes you a real man, when you can take care of your family. Well, that’s one challenge I will not hide away from. So for me June 7th 2008 was a very beautiful the beginning of the next phase of my life where I will take care of my family. If you want to recapture that day, the just click on the picture below …

WARNING: The story is quite long and the links will lead you to albums with hundreds of pictures …

The second day at the Aleenta Resort in Hua Hin was all about RELAXING. We woke up after 9-10 hours of sleep and from then it was all about enjoying this relaxing resort at Hua Hin. A easy going breakfast, sunbathing & napping combined, a wonderful Spa experience, full relaxation in our garden … to end off with the most romantic and delicious seafood barbecue we’ve ever had.

Ultimate relaxation in the morning …
What more perfect than to stare into the far ocean in the early morningThe beautiful view from Hua Hin's beach on a Sunday morningA Hua Hin gekko sunbathing

After-Spa in our own beach front garden
BT catching up on her e-mailA beautiful reflectionWonderful fruits of Thailand

Preparations for a wonderful barbecue
Waitress setting our private barbecue tableBT just can't waitOur setting of a romantic barbecue

The delicious seafood platter
That's all ours - a very big barbecueThe seafood platterCrabs & Shrimps

Romance in the air
It's time to enjoy this great barbecueMore ingredients for romanceMy beautiful wife

Enjoying our barbecue
Let the eating begin!BT is still smilingEnjoying our romantic barbecue

The last bites
Eating a delicious juicy shrimpThe last bit of a delicious shrimpA great accomplishment

To end with romantic night bubbles
BT evening’s chill in the jacuzziA jacuzzi bubbling, the washing waves, delicious fruits, a tasty wine and perfect company ... can produce nothing but smilesTime for more romance

After today we just don’t have any doubts, Aleenta Resort at Hua Hin is just a perfect place to start your honeymoon! Hmm … if you love seafood that is 😉

And at last our dream honeymoon starts as we get to the romantic Aleenta Resort & Spa in Hua Hin, Thailand. It’s time to enjoy …

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How any great team can be slain by their arrogance. Today it happened with the Italian team, the current World Champions. But in 1992 The Netherlands had the same lesson, when they were the defending European Champions.

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I always have fun in the US, so much to do, so much to eat, so much to see …

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Willing people of different cultures, who want to have success together, can be more open towards each other as the lack of similar background brings up the necessity of communication. Working and living in multi cultural environments can really boost up social and communication skills.

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Some time ago to fill in the ‘Deloitte Technology Fast 50 CEO Survey‘. The survey tells how CEO’s think about the success of their company. As I was inspired by the results, the feeling was probably mutual as I clearly put a stamp on their research.

The Fast Technology Top 50 - CEO survey

If you’re curious why I’m so proud, download the survey, check the first page left upper corner 🙂 .