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In 5 years from now our giants like Google, Yahoo, Ebay, Amazon, Expedia combined will be less valuable than Facebook. Why? Because currently they’re just the ‘in-between-man’ in an inefficient web. The social web will be efficient enough for endusers to get better deals without them!

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In my opinion the 2.0 trend is about:
– the technologies (AJAX, Webservices, widgets, gadgets) allowed internet users to:
— enjoy the ease of use of web applications in browsers
— to create their own desktops (iGoogle) and communities (Facebook)
— to create mashups (a location based content table and Google maps is most used)
– the valuation of such a trend has some pillars:
— there is a value in a network
— and if the network is open enough, new value (actions / ideas / collaboration) will be generated
— the power of virals
— if something is cool / hot / funny is introduced to a social network
— there is a chance that millions of people will see / enjoy it – without any marketing
— you need people who normally don’t have time / knowledge to contact each other to participate
— so new nodes / connections are introduced to the network
— increasing the chance of new ideas / collaboration etc.

Web 2.0 – that’s the fun / social stuff – goes faster than Enterprise
– sharing (Flickrs etc., Delicious, YouTube, Twitter, Blogs)
– staying in touch with friends / acquaintances with just a click a way (Facebook, PerfSpot, MySpace)
– social games that pull millions of people from social networks to play along (MafiaWars)
– collaboration – wikipedia

Enterprise 2.0 – the same Web 2.0 ideas introduced – mainly to improve collaboration
– collaboration (Blogs, Confluence, BaseCamp, Jira, SalesFroce, ZohoCRM)
– staying in touch (Linkedin, Xing)
– mashups: integrating Google maps with your CRM client list

– it provides and manages the content – not really 2.0
— in Web 2.0 – you do not control the content, it’s user Generated
– enterprises should find 2.0 ways to get their content used more in social networks
— this would enlarge the lifecycle and value of the content
— a thought that you can creat your own social network around content – small chance
— works better if your content can be taken into iGoogle / Linkedin / Slideshare
– so ECM is in my opinion not really Web 2.0
— I mean, how many organizations really like the WebCMS module of Documentum?
— I’ve seen many projects moving away from it
— because it’s not userfriendly enough to get people to use it
— that’s the key of 2.0 – getting more people on board

2.0 business case is often hard
– but it surely needs to be lead by pioneers with support of management (top-down)
— it makes no sense if new ideas that are generated will take months / years to get approval
— then there is no use the form new ideas
– highlight positive cases of good results of 2.0
— when for instance people who normally would never meet, have launched a very successful idea and the execution generated great ROI
— create workshops or presentations about internal wikis, issue tracking tools
— do this regularly, managers must take the lead
– people need to be stimulated to change their way of working
— allow people to work more from home, check their progress through the tool, not based on their availability at the office
— this also saves some C02 by the way