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So Enterprise, if the man or women who is leading your Enterprise 2.0 strategy doesn’t blog, only uses LinkedIn for their profile and network and doesn’t have a profile on Facebook (or any local community), then it’s time to reconsider the position 😉

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Yesterday afternoon / evening it was time to have fun with Enterprise 2.0 at a great location, the Playing Circle in Amsterdam. I gave some presentation to partners, clients and colleagues about how Componence sees Enterprise 2.0 and how we believe that Portal frameworks are the destinated frameworks for it. And of course I tried to sell a product for Portals such as BEA Weblogic Portal, our Portletsuite 2.0 (really, that is really the logical version number). I think my stories were inspiring and true, but Prof. Huibers definitely showed me a thing or 10 about how professionals can really give a funny presentation. Hmm, he didn’t really show me as I was stuck to facilitate an architecture presentation for Portletsuite 2.0 and had to hear how all my Enterprise guests were laughing throughout 80% of his presentation. And too bad no one was recording it 😦

Eventually the event costed approximately 10K EURO’s (15.7K USD) and now I just hope that my ROI calculations will come true, 1 deal is just all I need :). I have all the confidence that the return will become reality as in the Enterprise world I can take 3 years to earn it back. Yeah I know, in contradiction to the speed of collaboration that can be achieved with Enterprise 2.0 / Web 2.0, Enterprise sales cycles are still VERY SLOW! Maybe I should have the author of this article about Business Development 2.0 to join me in the next events of Componence, Then probably I can decrease the earn back period to just 1 year, hmm … that still doesn’t sounds fast 😦

So it was business as usual this morning and as a good Enterprise 2.0 CEO I believe I have to lead by example. After updating 16,58 hours for yesterday, my Jira Time Sheet Summary portlet showed me that I already exceed 50 hours in the frist 4 days of the week. And as the official working part of the week ended, I sadly saw the amount exceed 60 hours. HMMM, I’m still enjoying the kick (as the workaholic I am)!

And even now it doesn’t look like the rush is over as Enterprise 2.0 is really expanding to the parts of my brain that should normally regulate my sleep. I just can’t get it out of my mind, I’m even thinking towards concepts that one day can make all professionals free from the employers who care more about their own pocket than their client’s ROI. And if I would really let my imagination run afar, I even think Enterprise 2.0 can help IT resolve many of society’s problems. Hmm, I think the Enterprise 2.0 ghost has entered the part of my brains that let me dream …

It’s time to land back on earth, I mean … I should respect my own blog or who else will, and share with you the fact that I feel like Charlie. Don’t worry, I won’t dye my hair (dark)blond 🙂

Time to go to bed …

PS: Andryi, thnx for the link of Fred Cavazza, or else I wouldn’t have met Charlie this evening 😉